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Growing Strawberries, Making Jam

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23 Responses to “Growing Strawberries, Making Jam”
  1. imstillworkin says:

    @youtubsuxfv From a website called Nourse Farms. I also bought asparagus roots from them and they were very nice too.

  2. youtubsuxfv says:

    Great video , where did u buy em ebay?

  3. sugerbear520 says:

    looks good

  4. horticultureandhomes says:

    Too cute!

  5. Hoovesandpaws61 says:

    So Cute! Your granddaughter is precious. Your garden looks fantastic. My Wal-mart strawberries never even came up. I bought some at another store in pots and they have done fairly well. I didn’t know to take the blooms off. In years past when I have planted strawberries I have had to throw away plants I have had so many. It seems to me in the past when the plants are a couple of years old I have a hard time getting them to produce strawberries.

  6. imstillworkin says:

    @mhpgardener The strawberries are taking the heat without a problem. I’ve never seen them wilted. Just about everything else I’m growing was wilted from the heat today but not the strawberries. I planted a small patch of wheat in the fall to see if I could grow it. It has done great. It looks totally dry after todays heat.

  7. mhpgardener says:

    @imstillworkin How did the strawberries handle the heat. Its darn near 100 already. And you grow wheat? This I gotta see! I’ve been in wheat fields many days growing up. But I’ve never known anyone who planted it garden like. Thats just too cool.

  8. imstillworkin says:

    @mhpgardener I’m giong to be up to my eyeballs in strawberries next year. In a video I made back on November 25th the everbearer strawberries were still producing. About a week later we got cold weather and they quit. I’ve found I can grow all the fixins for PBJs – peanuts, strawberries and wheat for the bread! I’m going to cut one of those cabbages tomorrow, its starting to crack. I’ll be cutting the wheat soon too. Stay tuned, lol.

  9. BexarPrepper says:

    @imstillworkin that is wonderful news because after the first year I should be living at the retreat pernamently in the cabin I’m building. Blessings!

  10. imstillworkin says:

    @BexarPrepper I thought I’d have to pick the blooms off individually then I realized that the plants sent out one stem with the blooms on it. I just broke off that stem. I only had to do it once. I’ve picked the ripe strawberries every day though.

  11. redberrychick43 says:

    WOW~ Your strawberry patch is beautiful! What a treasure you have now. Strawberries are my fav. I bought me 1 little plant at WM. It is doing good but it looks lonely. LOL I will start picking off the blooms. It has started to send off runners but I think I need to put it in a bed instead of a pot? Thanks 4 sharing. We love that freezer jam also.

  12. paidskn1488 says:

    lol that was funny.

  13. BexarPrepper says:

    definatly gonna get me some of those strawberry plants for the retreat. Just gotta figure out how to pick the blooms off every two week only LOL Blessings!

  14. mhpgardener says:

    Thats a lot of strawberry plants. And they are huge.I bought 6 of the Everbearings from WMT a few weeks ago, in the big black pots, half price at 2.50 each. If they last till November like yours I’ll be plenty happy. Real nice looking patch you’ve got. Strawberry jam is my fav for PB &J. And thats a monster cabbage, almost as big as your helper !

  15. imstillworkin says:

    @docsimonson It’s the best. Grandkids are all play and no work. You get to love em up, have fun then send them home where somebody else has to worry about getting the strawberry stains out of their clothes, lol.

  16. docsimonson says:

    I’m looking forward to that next stage of life. I get to apply all of the learning I did on my kids and be a good grand dad. Thanks for the video!

  17. carolann183 says:

    You have a great helper , she is so cute .

  18. chicagocindybuddie says:

    I’m growing strawberries for the first time this year. Thanks for this video. Great information. Very nice garden!!!

  19. ewetubesuxass says:

    Nice lookin Berry patch you got there;) and thanx for the honorable mention.

  20. DLP1962 says:

    thanks for the video…… oh my, what a sweet little one you got there

  21. Agrarius2 says:

    One thing I really enjoy about your videos is how you demonstrate/cook/grow things in different ways and make comparisons between each method.

    That really allows your viewers to learn a lot more than just what your prefered way of doing things is. You are showing them what led you to think that was the best way, and examples of other possibilities.

  22. imstillworkin says:

    @jwlrymkr I’m not sure but I don’t think so. The directions are in the box of Sure Jell. For the water bath method they say to cook the strawberries. It might have to be cooked in order to stop the enzyme action. There is a vast difference between the taste of the freezer jam and the cooked jam. The freezer jam tastes just like freshly picked strawberries. I always worry about the freezer going out but this jam is so good this way I’m willing to take that risk.

  23. jwlrymkr says:

    Looks really great! Yum on the jam! Could this be hot bath canned so it wouldn’t have to be frozen?

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