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How To Plant Strawberries video with Thompson & Morgan.

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15 Responses to “How To Plant Strawberries video with Thompson & Morgan.”
  1. thompsonmorgan says:

    Glad to hear that your strawberries are doing well. Hopefully you will have a fantastic crop this summer!

  2. TheRealTrojanGoat says:

    I got some of these planters along with the strawberry plants and fertilizer which are available from the end of March from T & M. I must say, the plants were nowhere near as large or lush as those shown on the video but after a few days they had doubled in size even though the weather has been pretty poor (although they are in an unheated greenhouse). I ground the central hole to accommodate a support pole and drove it into the ground to make a tower using 9 pots. Very easy to turn and stable

  3. hatemtube says:

    Hi Again,
    First, Appreciate responding promptly.

    Second, and since Hanging Baskets are not available here in Egypt on commercial levels,
    allow me please to ask you kingly to refer me to where they would be sold in either UK or USA, and I will see to get a traveling friend to pick them for me… It is a long shot, I know, but this is how interested I am to get a few. Please specify details of alternatives of where they can be obtained (web address at least).

    Thank you and Best Regards..

  4. thompsonmorgan says:

    Hi Hatem

    Unfortunately this particular product has now been discontinued. We left the video in place for the strawberry growing information. You may be able to pick up a double hanging basket locally which would have a similar effect – but unfortunately T and M don’t have anything similar for international distribution. Kind regards.

  5. hatemtube says:

    I just saw a video shows your “stackable” growing system for Strawberries.
    I could not find it on your site.
    Could you please assist. I need to know the price for 1 and multiple, also need to know if shipping to Egypt is possible.
    Thank you very much for your attention. Best Regards.

  6. thompsonmorgan says:

    Make sure that you keep them well watered and give them the occasional feed. Remove any runners that are produced as these direct the plants energy away from fruit production. Remember that you may simply be growing a smaller fruiting variety, in which case the fruit will never be enormous.

  7. MissYummyGummy says:

    how do you get them to grow so big ? mines are very small.

  8. thompsonmorgan says:

    Hi SleepIsMagic, strawberries are fully hardy plants so provided they are well watered during the summer, they should survive most winters. If you experience particularly harsh winters it may be best to protect them – strawberries can happily be grown in a greenhouse.

  9. MSUMasterGardener13 says:

    thanks eredy

  10. eredy says:

    you dont need a lot i live in mississippi dirt is poor here maybe 1 table spoon to 2 on each plant

  11. eredy says:

    i went to walmart and bought Epsom salt and bought garden lime mixed them in a jar and put it next to the plants they grew so much better than a average plant .

  12. MSUMasterGardener13 says:

    could you be more specific?

  13. eredy says:

    Epsom salt and lime in a bag mixed in. i did it they tripled in size in a month

  14. Birdlover050 says:


  15. Birdlover050 says:

    Cool vid

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