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Indoor Gardening answers to YOUR questions

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25 Responses to “Indoor Gardening answers to YOUR questions”
  1. nonfatalfonso says:

    christmas cactus is pretty similar to cannabis’s flowering cycle just sayin!

  2. VoodooGarden says:

    Not yet but I should when they mature in a few years. :)

  3. Gaho2Many says:

    My aloe grows in my compost….water once in a blue moon….it’s HUGE. They are ok with whatever kind of soil you give it…as long as you give it some love. Wonderfully beautiful plants!

  4. Gaho2Many says:

    You are getting Fruit from your treeS????

  5. 9dudedood says:

    diyhydros pump lifts all the way to a measurement of 62.5 inches of water
    the pajama gardener guy uncle says in the camera is oh sorry guys
    john was growing jerusalem artichoke, yacon tubers and finally chinese artichoke that was all edible raw

  6. qzsue68 says:

    bake, not back..ps, bake cut side down.

  7. qzsue68 says:

    split the pumpkin in half, scrape the seeds and back at 350 for about an hour.mash your pumpkin and let it sit in a colander to drain extra moisture.Follow the recipe on any can of condensed milk that you buy. Fresh pumpkin pie is the best :D

  8. Megzm6 says:

    You have a great light system . Wish I had some bigger ones like yours to keep things indoors during the winter.

  9. L10aVon says:

    I forget if all have to be answered to get any credit or not; Anyway!
    I’ll take a stab at these anyway-
    I think Tyler’s pump has headlift of 5.2ft or 62.4 inches.
    Sean’s Uncle said “Oh, Sorry Guys”
    Still hunting John’s video identifying his raw edible roots in his garden- ( I haven’t found the proper video with those words used) Have found where he has Yacon (Earth Apple), Green Globe Artichoke, Jerusalem Artichoke, Sunchokes, Yam Bean (Hickama).Still hunting though!!

  10. Pizzapie500 says:

    Yeah I wanna see grafting too! Also can you try this other grafting-like method in which you grow plants really close to each other and tie them together when they are 3″ tall and keep on tying them together as they grow until they become one plant?

  11. tstran02 says:

    I tried grafting heirloom tomatoes to more resistant varieties. I saw videos of it online. The graft on tomatoes has a horrible turn out percentage. They looked great for a few weeks and then died. We only tried 6 plants (12 in total). It was a fun experiment. If I do it again, I will need to try at least 20 plants (40) in total.

  12. meisawsome0630 says:

    #1: DIYhydro’s pump lifts 62.5 inches of water.
    #2 : shawns uncle says, “oh! sorry guys”
    #3: He grew yacon, jerusalem artichoke, and chinese artichoke that you can eat raw

  13. Praxxus55712 says:

    I’ve never tried grafting. I guess I could graft a pepper plant to the left side of my face. It’s not as if I need to use my entire face. :)

  14. MerryJ3000 says:

    a. 62.5 in
    b. “oh, sorry guys”
    c. jerusalem artichoke (sun chokes), yacon tubers, & chinese artichokes (crosne)

  15. Syrasmorgan says:

    1. The water pump can lift 5.2 ft which equals 62.4 inches.
    2. Pajama gardener’s uncle says, “Oh, sorry guys.”
    3. John grows Yakon, Jerusalem Artichoke, and Chinese Artichoke

    As a side note, I’m impressed that you have been able to pollinate your single tomatillo. I had read a lot of stuff saying they weren’t self fertile. I guess you can’t believe everything you read on the internet hehe.

  16. chickenosm says:

    could you show us grafting
    I have wanted to try it but I would like to see you do it first
    if you can do it we all can do it :D

  17. imblessed62 says:

    answers to questions
    1. Tyler @ DIYhydro answer to his question is 5′ 2 &1/2″ =62 &1/2 inches

    2. Shawn his uncle said answer “Oh sorry guys”

    3. John @ growingyourgreens answer grows Tubers Yacon,chinese artichokes(aka crosne) and Jerusalem artichokes

  18. MIgardener says:

    #1 – DIYhydro’s pump puts out 62.5 inches of water.
    #2 – shawns uncle says, “oh! sorry guys”
    #3 – john’s favorite root crops are yacon, chinease artichoke, and sunchokes or jaruselum artichokes.

    ps: im glad to be back! i miss youtube and my friends on here. :) you and john both put up soo many videos while i was gone. things are looking good ray! keep it up!

  19. yolandasotolopez says:

    Lemon and Orange trees will usually have thorns when they are young,or if they haven’t been sexed. It sounds like that is what is happening with your lemon tree. Since you grew it from a seed, you will need to graft the lemon and orange to get it to produce good fruit.

  20. EDVideos13 says:

    they were hard to find but growyourgreens i have followed for awhile so here I go
    growyourgreens has the yacons, jaruesalem artichokes (sun chokes), and chineses artichoke
    Hyroponics pump is 62.5 inches of water
    and Shawns uncle says ‘oh sorry guys’

  21. jameronies says:

    Tyler’s pump can lift 62.5 inches of plain water,
    John grows yacon, jerusalem artichokes, and chinese artichoke, and
    Shawn’s uncle said “Oh sorry guys.”

  22. tstran02 says:

    Tyler- 62.5 inches of water

    Shawn- When he walks in front of the camera he says “Oh, sorry guys”

    John- He grows and eats sunchokes (jerusalem artichoke), chinese artichoke and yacon raw.

  23. comicbookgirl4 says:

    Tyler’s pump can lift 62.5 inches of water

    John grows yacon, jerusalem artichokes, and chinese artichoke.

    Shawn’s uncle said “Oh sorry guys.”

  24. Praxxus55712 says:

    Light…lots of light. I use many many bulbs to keep my little corner of Narnia up and running. Good quality potting mix is extremely important. Dead soil or infected soil will put a frown on your plant’s faces. Oh and lots of tootsie rolls. :)

  25. 24RED1 says:


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