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Pit Bull Sharky Growing Strawberries!!

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25 Responses to “Pit Bull Sharky Growing Strawberries!!”
  1. nschuel says:

    pit bulls are the best breed in the world. you are amazing for helping spread the word!!

  2. HOOTECAT says:

    sharky.. i’m with ya pal..
    LOVE strawberries!
    and nature!

  3. Tstormer says:

    Sharky is pretty impressive! ;)

  4. 445happy says:

    Sharky probably eats a lot of strawberrys cause you are what you eat an sharky is sweet X3

  5. DogMechanic says:

    Strawberries are actually good for dogs too. :3 Gives them fiber. Mine prefers blueberries though.

  6. goerge4 says:

    to be honest.. texas girlie is funny to hear..

  7. lmbarak says:

    Awww, Sharky will have to wait a little while longer before he can eat his strawberries, hopefully he gets some shortcake too!

  8. kikopup says:

    I want some strawberries! :)

  9. KybaHaus says:

    Beautiful Boy – Very Unique Markings…


  10. texasgirly1979 says:

    Oh, I wanted to see snow so bad this year – but it didn’t make it to Houston…

  11. TommyAndGracie says:

    Strawberries! You’re so lucky! We are still waiting for a few patches of snow to melt in our yard.

  12. texasgirly1979 says:

    Yeah, I know – I am used to also in June and July for strawberries to be ready… I am not sure when these will be ready… maybe in April sometime

  13. shonviper says:

    Im Hungry now

  14. ThePamperedPuppy says:

    haah Sharky can’t wait to have one! YUMMY :D

  15. Nudelsalatbomber says:

    strawberry-plants on february? sounds kinda weird to me. WAY to cold here in germany to grow anything!

  16. puggykisses says:

    Haha…I think Sharky wants one LOL!!

  17. IvanIsmailov says:

    mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm !

  18. MakeupMeLove says:

    so cute, i know when we were growing strawberries in my back yard, my boxer dog would eat them all before they were ready!!! LOL cute

  19. tmacc says:


  20. cheryl457 says:

    Strawberries? we still have snow on the ground here lol

  21. 0lizrivera0 says:

    AAAWWW Sharky

  22. TonyUnplugged says:

    Where’s the snow ?
    Does Sharky like snow ?

  23. davidsquall351 says:


  24. Evookee says:

    Sharky is my soul mate!

  25. FruittisMaris says:

    that would be awesome if he ate strawberries! My dog Sam Bear when I was a little girl loved carrots and my cat Noah like persimmons!

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